• Rcs produces Radio Spots...

    A small yet big recording and production studio. Equipment, know-how, talent... are some of our most important assets. We produce amazing radio spots for the Greek market of Cyprus and Greece that stand out from the rest due to the amazing Sound, the proper Voices used, the professional Voice Guidance, and the innovative Production Ideas we throw in.

    Big words? Well.. Thats what we do :)

    For samples please visit "Our Work"

  • Rcs records Voice Overs

    With more than 50 local talents in Athens, Nicosia and ThessalonĂ­ki we have just the right Greek Voice Talent for your project. No matter in which suite we record you always have the ability either to be present during the recording - physically or via Video Conferencing.

    Is it International Voices you are seeking?... We provide Voice Talents in Chinese, English, Russian, French... actually any* language!...

    For samples please visit "Our Voices"

  • Rcs designs Audio for TV

    Our services include Voice Overs, Film Scoring, Atmos, Foleys, Sfx, Voices in lip-sync, Dubbing, Mixing...

    For samples please visit "Our Work"



Our Voices

 The Perfect Voice Amazing sound Wow music Excellent Mix Unbeleivable sound design

Rcs studios. Nicosia - Cyprus, Athens - Greece